About me

I have worked with communication and visualizing for over 25 years. My background is mainly from advertising and marketing, playing both sides of the table, i.e as a buyer of advertising and marketing campaigns, but also as the one providing my clients with creative concepts and solutions to their marketing challenges. I have worked as a copywriter, art director and sound designer. But no matter the outset, the main goal has always been to tell a story – a story that would make a difference. A story line that is to be conveyed, understood and grasped in a split second. Take a moment and and try to remember what advertisements made an impact on you. In a magazine, on radio or on TV. Most probably, the ones you remember are the ones that had some sort of story built into them. A story that touched you in one way or the other.

The story is important to me. The good story. The story that makes a difference. And the moment. That split second when the story unfolds and creates that magical moment. Because in that split second the story is written. A story that hopefully makes you think. Reflect. Ponder. Maybe it even brings a smile to your face or a teardrop in the corner of your eye. A story that makes you remember. Or simply a story that gives you an entirely new experience. The saying «a picture tells more than a thousand words» only underlines the magic and the countless ways in which a simple picture is able to convey a story and touch the depths of your soul.

To me, the magic moment is hidden in all every day motives. It is there, in plain view, if you just take the time to look. That is what I search for every time I bring my camera with me. That is also why my website is called «Ordinary Pictures». Because basically, that is what I do, taking ordinary pictures of ordinary motives. Ordinary motives we all see every day. Motives that, during a busy and hectic day mingled with the multitude of impressions of everything that surrounds us in our daily lives, unwillingly and slowly simply fade away. Those faint glimpses and memories, those magical moments are what I try to catch with my camera. Because in my view the truly extraordinary lies hidden within the ordinary.

As a young man the art of drawing and painting impressed me. It still does. Especially that simple, pure line, and how a few simple lines would express great stories and pure magic onto a piece of paper. My affection for the art of drawing and painting is something I try to bring into my pictures in the way I treat them and work with them. Trying to give them that «sketch like, painted look» and at the same time simplifying them in their final expression. Lee Falk is one that would have to be «to blame» in that respect along with Norman Rockwell and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Bjørn Borge-Lunde